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Geno's Under The Gun Tattoos, as seen on the Travel Channels hit show, Truckstop USA, would like to welcome you to the greatest tattoo shop of all time.  We are the area's premier licensed shop ran by Geno Gauger Owner/Artist.  Under the Gun Tattoos exceeds the standards of a clean and sterile tattooing establishment. Certified and regulated, unmatched locally to insure a safe environment for all of our services.  The owner and artist, Geno has been tattooing for over twenty-six years and truly lives to tattoo.  Dedication to his art and personal understanding for his patrons has built this business and made it the success it is today.  Geno can only be located at the Midway Travel Plaza.  He would like to personally invite each and every one of you to come check out the newly remodeled Midway Travel Plaza.  Come up and have a few drinks or dance the night away at the, Backdoor Lounge, which is conveniently located right down the hall from the Under the Gun Tattoo Studio.  It's an atmosphere that is sure to please.  From the Under the Gun Studio to the Backdoor Lounge, Antique Mall, Firework Shop, or the Restaurant there is no doubt something for everyone.  Visit us today, we've got 150,000 flash pages on computer display, and we love custom large scale, color and black & grey work. We are located at 6401 W Hwy. 40 Columbia, MO (right off the 121 exit on I-70) which is located upstairs in the Midway Travel Plaza.  Geno's standard for quality in his art shows. He is, without a doubt, a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to the art of tattooing.  With an undeniable passion he is so confident that you will be completely satisfied with your tattoo that we, at Under the Gun Tattoos, give a lifetime guarantee with every tattoo that is created.  Whether it's an accident that scrapes it off or whatever the situation may be, we will fix your tattoo at no charge.  Our name is everything to us so, if we did your work we want it to look it's best at all times.  I can promise you that a tattoo at Under the Gun is not just a tattoo but a memorable and exciting experience.  You mean everything to us and we will go above and beyond to make your time with us the best experience possible, after all, tattoos are with you for a lifetime and it's our pleasure to be apart of your journey.  We look forward to seeing you.  A special thanks goes out to everybody who's a part of the Under the Gun Crew, and our patrons who make it all possible.     Follow us on Facebook, by typing in underthe  guntattoos  (to view Geno's work).  For more information call Geno at 573-355-2230 any time day or night.